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Nov. 20, 2017 (closed)


Societies in today’s world are becoming more and more dependent on open networks such as Internet where commercial activities, business transactions and government services are realized. This has led to the fast development of new cyber threats and information security issues which are utilized by cyber criminals. Mistrust for communication and computer network technologies have tremendous socio-economic impacts on global enterprises as well as individuals. Moreover, the occurrence of international frauds often requires the investigation of facts that occur across international borders. They are also often subject to different jurisdictions and legal systems. The increased complexity of the communication and networking infrastructure is making preventing of cyber crimes difficult therefore new approaches to ensure cybersecurity are desired.

Topics of interest include:
  • Cyber-crime science
  • New approaches for cyber crime detection/prevention
  • Information and network security
  • Network traffic analysis and modelling for cyber-crime science
  • Digital forensics Information hiding solutions (steganography, watermarking) for network traffic Criminal use of information hiding IoT security solutions SDN security 5G network security
  • Network attacks & anomalies detection and prevention
  • Protocols, systems, computer and security
  • Steganography/steganalysis and covert/subliminal channels
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based or game theory techniques for cyber-crimes detection
  • Security architectures
  • New approaches to cybersecurity e.g. nature- or bio-inspired cybersecurity
  • Moving Target Defense (MTD) techniques

Lead Guest Editor

  • Krzysztof Cabaj, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Guest Editors

  • Wojciech Mazurczyk, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
  • Zbigniew Kotulski, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
  • Bogdan Ksi??opolski, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland

Topic Category

EURASIP Journal on Information Security