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Dec. 31, 2019 (closed)


Information technology has penetrated into all aspects of politics, economy and culture of the whole society. The information revolution has changed the way of communication all over the world, promoted the giant development of human society, and also drawn unprecedented attention to network security issues. Studies, focusing on network security, have experienced four main stages: idealized design for ensuring security, auxiliary examination and passive defence, active analysis and strategy formulation, and overall perception and trend prediction. Under the background of the new strategic command for the digital control that all countries are scramble for, the discussion of network security situational awareness presents new characteristics both in the academic study and industrialization. In this regard, a thorough investigation has been made in the present paper into the literature of network security situational awareness. Firstly the research status both at home and abroad is introduced, and then the logical analysis framework is put forward of network security situational awareness from the perspective of the data value chain. The whole process is composed of five successive stages: factor acquisition, model representation, measurement establishment, solution analysis and situation prediction. In an attempt to provide a panoramic recognition of network security situational awareness, and auxiliary ideas for the industrialization of network security, this paper hopes to provide some references for the scientific research and engineering personnel in this field.

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  • Chi-Hua Chen, Fuzhou University, China

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EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking